Cairo and Nile Cruise Small Group Tours

This itinerary is designed by Egypt Luxury Tours Local Experts. With their first-hand and local knowledge, they make sure every detail is looked after, while you get to enjoy a luxury experience in Egypt.

Tour Style:

Egypt Small Group Tours


Everyday, You can pick the date freely and we will arrange for you based on it.

Tour Highlights:

  • Pyramids and Civilization Museum Tour – Mummies Halls
  • Luxury Hotels
  • Cairo, Fly to Luxor – Valley of Kings & Queens
  • The Mummification Museum
  • Crocodile museum
  •  King Tut’s tomb which you will visit from inside
  • The Temple of Philae

Day 1: Welcome to the land of the Pharaohs

Egypt Luxury Tours offers top-notch VIP treatment. Upon arrival, your tour guide will be waiting for you. They will be holding a sign of Egypt Luxury Tours. This service is an exclusive meet and greets service. Egypt Luxury Tours Services ensures a swift, smooth, safe passage through Cairo International Airport.

From the moment we start, your tour guide will give you full attention. Once in the car, He will talk to you about all the aspects of your tour that will interest you.
You will be transferred by a Luxury A/C car to your Luxury hotel.  Overnight in Cairo.
Experience Egypt like never before with our Luxury tours and dedicated professional Tour guide/Leaders.

Day 2: Pyramids and Civilization Museum Tour – Mummies Halls

Enjoy a lovely breakfast at your hotel.  Start your tour by visiting the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization is the only museum in Egypt which offers a general overview of all the different historical periods of Egypt. It has more than 50,000 artefacts, presenting Egyptian civilization from prehistoric times to the present day.

The crown jewel of the museum is the Mummies Halls. The whole world has been amazed at the Pharaoh’s Golden Parade of 22 Royal Mummies from the Old Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square to their new permanent residence in the National Museum of Civilization.

Among the Mummies are the mummies of King Ramses the second, Queen Hatshepsut, King Thutmos the third and Queen Ahmos Nefertari. The Royal Mummies Hall is specially designed to display the mummies of ancient Egypt. The design and the underground location of the Mummies aim to give the visitors the feeling of strolling down the Valley of Kings where most of the mummies were originally resting. The Royal Mummies Hall exhibited about 150 pieces, including the mummies as well as their coffins. For the first time, each mummy will be exhibited near the coffin where it was found. The mummies are now placed inside special halls below the main hall, symbolizing the “underworld” in which the royal mummies were found.

Then you will have a chance to visit the main exhibition halls which showcase Egyptian civilization from prehistoric times to the present day, using a multidisciplinary approach that highlights the country’s tangible and intangible heritage

Then move to visit the Great Pyramids – Cheops, Chephren & Mykerions. Cheops is the most colossal ever built. Next is a close-up look at Sphinx – a huge funeral complex guarded by the legendary lion body with the face of king Chephren.

(Optional) Evening trip to attend the Sound & Light show in the Pyramids area.

Overnight in Cairo.

Day 3: Fly to Luxor– Valley of kings and Valley of Queens

Enjoy a lovely breakfast at your hotel. Transfer to the domestic airport. Departure by the plane to Luxor. Arrival and transfer to the West Bank to visit Valley of Kings & Queens where the mummies who took part in the golden parade were discovered in two cachettes. The first was unearthed in 1881 at Deir El-Bahari in Luxor’s West Bank in tomb TT320.

 move to visit Valley of the Kings, visit the tombs of various Dynasties. King Tut’s tomb which you will visit from inside. Tutankhamun ruled Egypt for approximately 10 years from around 1336-1327 BCE. In November 1922, Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon discovered Tutankhamun’s near-intact tomb in the Valley of the Kings. The king’s mummified body was found surrounded by precious grave goods, in his golden coffin, after his burial chamber was officially opened on 17 February 1923 in the presence of Egyptologists and government officials.

Today, Tutankhamun is ancient Egypt’s most famous pharaoh. But how much do you really know about the boy king? Here during this tour, I will tell you the lesser-known facts about Tutankhamun…

Continue to Visit the Valley of the Queens, known as Ta-Set-Neferu “The Place of Beauty”. The valley served as a necropolis for the tombs of royal family members and the elite, with about 90 tombs belonging to Queens and princes of the ancient Egyptian New Kingdom (1550-1070 BC). whilst here, you will have a chance to visit the magnificent colorful tomb of queen Nefertari (Extra Ticket)

Then move to visit the Temple of Deir El Bahari of Queen Hatshepsut.  who ruled as a Pharaoh during the golden age of ancient Egyptian history when Egypt ruled the east

Hatshepsut, one of the most prominent female figures in the Egyptian history, reigned for two decades. She is known to have undertaken building projects in Egypt. Except for this, she is also known for the establishment of new trade routes until her death in 1458 BC. She was discovered by Howard Carter in the year 1902. Here mummy was one of the 22 mummies who transferred on the Golden parade and now it’s on the Civilization Egyptian museum Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple is an engineering miracle.  it designed to tell the story of her life and reign and surpass any other in elegance and grandeur On the return journey stop at the Colossi of Memnon which are two gigantic sitting statues representing Amenopis III facing the Nile. Then visit the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut.

Transfer to the Nile Cruise. Overnight in Luxor.

(Note)Sometimes due to sailing conditions on the River Nile some Cruises itineraries, schedule and sailing times may be updated. We assure that our clients will see all what is on their itineraries but maybe in different order

Day 4: Nile Cruise-Mummification tour

Enjoy a lovely breakfast on board. Then move to visit the Mummification Museum which presents the ancient Egyptian art of mummification and displays related artifacts and mummies.

You’ll learn about the mummification techniques specialized to embalm many animal species, such as crocodiles, cats and fish. Mummified animals are unique to the collection of this museum. You’ll also see mummification tools, embalming materials, Canopic jars, amulets and coffins. There are also ancient tablets that record the funeral journey from death to burial.

(Optional.)Trip to visit Karank & Luxor temples

(Optional Hot Air Balloon) The flight is approximately 30:45 minutes depend on the weather

Overnight in Cruise.

Day 5: Nile Cruise- Crocodile museum

Enjoy a lovely breakfast on board. Visit the Temple of Horus in Edfu. Sail to Kom Ombo. Lunch on board. Visit the Temple shared by the two Gods Sobek & Haroeris in Kom Ombo.

Then continue your mummification tour. Ancient Egyptians didn’t focus on the mummification of human bodies only but they mummified animals also they were typically mummified animals for four main purposes—to allow beloved pets to go on to the afterlife, to provide food in the afterlife, to act as offerings to a particular god, and because some were seen as physical manifestations of specific deities that the Egyptians worshipped

Your tour guide will take you to visit the crocodile museum where you will see 22 mummified crocodiles of various sizes. They are arrayed on a sand hill inside a large glass showcase, you will be able to see how crocodiles passed their days in ancient Egypt.

Also, you will see a collection of crocodile coffins and wooden sarcophagi, along with crocodile fetuses and eggs, are also on display, in addition to stelae and statues depicting the crocodile-god Sobek, bearing a human body and the head of a crocodile.

Overnight in Kom Ombo.

Day 6: Nile Cruise

Breakfast on board. Sail to Aswan to visit The Temple of Philae, The temple walls records scenes from Egyptian mythology of Isis of the ancient Mother Goddess bringing Osiris the god of underworld back to life, and mummifying his body after his death. (Possibly the first Egyptian mummy). 

Lunch on board. Overnight in Aswan.

Day 7: Aswan – Cairo

Breakfast on board. Disembarkation.

(Optional ) Abu Simbel Trip. Departure to visit the Temple of Abu Simbel, The colossal Temple of Abu Simbel built by Ramses II (XIXth. Dynasty) and lately saved from inundation of the Nile waters in among the glories of ancient Egyptian monuments The temples were built out of a sandstone rock cliff, and representation of the deities to which each was dedicated is carved on its huge façade. Nearby, also saved, lies the small Temple of the King’s wife Nefertari, dedicated to the goddess Hathor. Back to Aswan.

Transfer to Aswan airport and departure by plane to Cairo. Arrival and transfer to the hotel. Overnight in Cairo.

Day8: Farewell to Egypt

Enjoy a lovely breakfast at your hotel. Today a transfer will bring you to Cairo International Airport where you will check-in for your onward flight.

Farewell to Egypt!

Tour inclusions:

  • VIP treatment.
  • Luxury hotel accommodations.
  • All your tours and excursions are by an A/C vehicle.
  • Private Tour Manager/Tour Guide Egyptologist.
  • Meals as listed in the itinerary.
  • Domestic flights (Cairo/Luxor & Aswan/Cairo).
  • Sightseeing Tours and entrance fees.
  • Our prices include all taxes and services.

Tour exclusions:

  • International Airfare.
  • Egypt entry visa. (We can provide you with your visa upon arrival at your request).

Accommodation Plan:

  • Cairo: Four Seasons Hotel-Marriott Mena House – Kempinski Nile Deluxe – Fairmont Nile Premium.
  • Nile cruises: Sanctuary Sun Boat – Oberoi Cruises – Movenpick Royal Cruises – Sonesta Cruises – Le Fayan – Ms Farah -MS Acamar
All year roundChristmas and Easter
Price per person in Dbl room2900 $3600 $
Solo traveller3500 $4100 $

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Hotel Rating in Egypt
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Travelling by overnight train
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Personalized Tours
You will be Traveling with a private Egyptologist guide and driver just for you so they will be always very flexible to accommodate your needs. Unlock details you may have overlooked with insider information only a Egypt Luxury Tours Expert and private guide can offer